Supporting growth

ten pledges, five years, one community

By 2016 we aim to have a more diverse and resilient economy that creates a greater number of jobs which pay at or above national earnings levels.

In order to meet this aim, we would expect to see an improvement in the following measures during the next five years:

  • An increase in the proportion of people working in knowledge-based businesses such as science and technology based companies
  • An increase in the number of local employees earning above average wage levels
  • An increase in the amount of employment floorspace available in the district.
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Progress in 2012

A new Local Plan for the district

A new Local Plan for the district has progressed significantly over 2012. The plan aims to create the right conditions to encourage new investment that will diversify and strengthen the local economy. The council will be formally consulting on this important plan in the Spring of 2013

Our partners

  • Canterbury4Business
  • Further and Higher Education Institutions
  • Kent County Council
  • Local Schools
  • Canterbury City Partnership
  • Herne Bay Pier Trust